Friday, 14 April 2017

Letter from Sarah

Dear Radiohead,

You know about the boycott, of course you do. And you know that this is going to be a contentious gig. Your music is political, you claim to be human rights activists. So here's the question I want answering: why the silence?

It's been a couple of months since you announced you're playing in Tel Aviv. You've heard the outcry from your fans and yet you've said nothing. Either have the courage to come out and explain why you've chosen to play to apartheid, or don't do it. Every day you stay silent your reputation sinks. And right now, you just look like pampered millionaires who think they can do whatever the fuck they want without answering to anyone. As a fan, I'm sad to write that - I always thought if one band was different, it was Radiohead.

Nobody regrets not playing apartheid South Africa and in years to come, nobody will regret boycotting apartheid Israel. This gig will be a black mark on your reputation forever. How much are they paying you? Is it really worth it?

Are you the world's premier political band, or are you too cowardly to come out and justify your actions? Your choice.