Monday, 17 April 2017

Letter from Laurence

Dear Radiohead,
To say you have broken my heart is an understatement. You were my first love, long before women ruined my teenage years I grew with you, your music was beautiful, inclusive and always held a special meaning, far from the pseudo hippie bullshit that exists/existed your music had meaning, inspired people and gave great harmony to all of us who enjoyed it. I would love to say I will never listen to another Radiohead song again but I can't deprive myself of that beauty, it's certain to say I will never pay for another Radiohead item ever again in my life. What you are doing to me and to millions of other friends who developed with you, stuck with you and even promoted you because we thought we were promoting something great (as music we were, as people I think we were all mistaken) is similar to having the most amazing girlfriend, beautiful in every way and after almost thirty years together she joins the Nazi party and tells you she's going to fuck an Adolf Hitler lookalike on July 19th 2017 and you just have to sit back and wait to watch her do it. Sure I understand your Israel connection and how this is difficult for you but I hope with all my heart that a small piece of Radiohead's moral compass still exists and you realize you can not be complicit in this outrage, this will be a very dark stain on your legacy, imagine Pink Floyd playing a concert in Nazi Germany with the backdrop being the slaughter of millions of Jews, this is no different, your backdrop will be the massacre of every single man women and child that Israel has and will slaughter, you will represent the shocking injustice of this world, you will be playing to crowds of people who openly endorse and take part in the stealing of land and slaughtering of the rightful land owners. Thom I remember a concert before you were famous where you announced one of your tracks before playing it, you said it would be featured on the "Justice? What Justice?" album, maybe you should revisit who you were and realize what you are doing is wrong and heartbreaking. I will never stop listening to my Radiohead collection that I currently own but I will never spend a penny on your music again, frankly I see little difference in supporting that than I would the Nazi party or One Direction, as people, should you carry out this concert, every single cause you ever fought for, evrything you ever represented will mean shit to me, you will never be in a position to preach or seek justice again when you support genocide. Your sincerely Laurence Joseph Robert Sheridan, Ireland The World Is Watching