Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Letter from Jasbir

Dear Radiohead,

Having finally been able to buy tickets to see you perform live, I'm devastated to learn that months after the sales of tickets in various locations around the world, you make a shock announcement that you'll be performing in Israel thus making it impossible for people like me to get a refund in protest.  I paid over £100 to see you perform in Dublin and that does not take into account a flight from London to Ireland.  

You admirably cast yourselves as a "political" band, making your position on subjects such as climate change and the Trump presidency clear, but I'm struggling to understand how you can perform in Israel given the recent illegal expansion of settlements condoned by Trump, not to mention the obvious brutal injustices meted out to the Palestinians on a daily basis.

If you had planned this concert all along you should have made it clear from the start so that people who care about the Palestinian cause would not have been duped into buying tickets.  

I'm sure you have no intention of reconsidering the Tel Aviv concert but you should at least own the hypocrisy of your actions.